Girls 20 inch bikes - Super pocket bike body kits

Girls 20 Inch Bikes

girls 20 inch bikes

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#128/366 Jaymi - Growing Up

#128/366 Jaymi - Growing Up

Day 128

Today I went on a field trip with her class, and after school, we took her to the bike shop to get her a new bike - one that fits her. Wow! The bike looks so huge - it's a 20-inch bike!
My little girl is growing up!

Janet Bike Girl, new 20 inch x 20 inch print for the Art Whino - Stencil Nation Art Show

Janet Bike Girl, new 20 inch x 20 inch print for the Art Whino - Stencil Nation Art Show

This stencil print celebrates, the writer Flann O'Brien, who wrote The Third Policeman, fiction book.

Enjoy !
Janet Bike Girl

girls 20 inch bikes

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